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Our school produces an electronic newsletter which is emailed directly to you via our online subscription service. The e-newsletter is an excellent opportunity for us to share student achievements, upcoming events, important dates, and is great for keeping in touch. To subscribe, register by sending an email with your details to

newsletter-term-2-week-1.aspxNewsletter Term 2 Week 1newsletter-term-2-week-12 KB 27/04/2017
newsletter-term-2-week-3.aspxNewsletter Term 2 Week 3newsletter-term-2-week-32 KB 4/05/2017
newsletter-term2-week-5.aspxNewsletter Term 2 Week 5newsletter-term2-week-52 KB 18/05/2017
newsletter-term-2-week-7.aspxNewsletter Term 2 Week 7newsletter-term-2-week-72 KB 1/06/2017
newsletter-term-2-week-9.aspxNewsletter Term 2 Week 9newsletter-term-2-week-92 KB 15/06/2017
newsletter-term-3-week-1.aspxNewsletter Term 3 Week 1newsletter-term-3-week-12 KB 13/07/2017
newsletter-term-3-week-3.aspxNewsletter Term 3 Week 3newsletter-term-3-week-32 KB 27/07/2017
newsletter-term-3-week-5.aspxNewsletter Term 3 Week 5newsletter-term-3-week-52 KB 10/08/2017
newsletter-term-3-week-7.aspxNewsletter Term 3 Week 7newsletter-term-3-week-72 KB 24/08/2017
newsletter-term-3-week-9.aspxNewsletter Term 3 Week 9newsletter-term-3-week-92 KB 7/09/2017
newsletter-term-4-week-1.aspxNewsletter Term 4 Week 1newsletter-term-4-week-12 KB 5/10/2017
newsletter-term-4-week-10.aspxNewsletter Term 4 Week 10newsletter-term-4-week-102 KB 7/12/2017
newsletter-term-4-week-3.aspxNewsletter Term 4 Week 3newsletter-term-4-week-32 KB 19/10/2017
newsletter-term-4-week-5.aspxNewsletter Term 4 Week 5newsletter-term-4-week-52 KB 2/11/2017
newsletter-term-4-week-7.aspxNewsletter Term 4 Week 7newsletter-term-4-week-72 KB 16/11/2017
newsletter-term-4-week-9.aspxNewsletter Term 4 Week 9newsletter-term-4-week-92 KB 30/11/2017