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Class times

Start of Day:   8:50 am

First Break:

1​1:00 am​​

Second Session: ​11:45 am
Second Break: ​  1:20 pm
Third Session: ​  1:55 pm
End of Day:   ​3:00 pm
Before School
Families are asked not to have their children at school prior to 8.30am.  There is no need for students to be at school prior to the start of the school day at 8.50am unless they have a specific reason e.g. instrumental music lessons, sports practice etc. Students who arrive prior to the commencement of the school day 8.50am are required to go to the senior covered play area and remain seated there until the first bell at 8.30am or an invitation to enter the classroom is given by the class teacher.
Breakfast Club
Sunnybank offers breakfast three days a week Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:15am to 8:45am at the school hall kitchen. Volunteers serve toast, cereal and fruit which is all kindly donated from local companies. Students who arrive early to school are able to have toast cereal and fruit on these days.
The YMCA deliver the food each week and there is no cost to students. Students are encouraged to take part even if they have had breakfast at home. Students concentrate a lot better when they have a boost of 'brain food' in the morning.
Lunch Breaks
At both breaks, the students must sit and eat until they are dismissed by a teacher. All eating takes place in undercover areas. Please ensure that you send your child’s lunch in a sealed or insulated lunchbox.  Include a small freezer brick or freeze a bottle of water and pop it into the lunchbox to keep food cool. Keeping food cool will prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.
After School
No staff are on playground duty after school, so student safety at that time is the responsibility of parents. Students who have their parents with them will be able to use the playground after school but only until 3.20pm. At 3.20pm the bell will ring briefly as the signal that it is time to go home. Also, at that time any students who have not yet been collected from wherever their meeting point might be will need to go to the school office so that they can be kept safe until parents arrive.
On some days there will be a small number of students still on the grounds after 3.20pm. These students will be waiting in the senior covered play area with parents associated with external providers of activities in the school hall.